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'Alone Together' - symposium in York - zaproszenie do czynnego uczestnictwa


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


This is third call for papers for the Alone Together symposium taking place in York on April 10th-12th 2019, organised by York St. John University and University of Szczecin (300-word abstracts to, booking at, flyer attached.)

We have also extended the deadline for submission of abstracts – to Thursday 28th February.

The symposium will include work from many disciplines, as we currently have abstracts offered from education, theology, business studies, counselling, psychology, philosophy, social care, story-telling, and anthropology.  We hope you find the variety of disciplines and topics as interesting as we do.  Some of the titles already offered, from researchers in Australia, Canada, France, Poland, Romania, Sweden, the UK, the USA, are:

●    Alone together: persons in relation

●    Anthropology of upbringing: silence as a way of human development

●    Aware I am alone: intersections of solitude and mindfulness

●    Collective pictures of loneliness – case studies based on youths from China, Japan, and South Korea

●    Do therapists ever get lonely?

●    Economic loneliness of students of the Kenyan University of Pwani

●    Education to loneliness being a consequence of opposition to the purpose of the community’s activities

●    Figures on a windswept shore

●    Images of creative loneliness of inhabitants of Kenya: analysis of visual messages

●    In community, alone, in community: reflections on the Nicene Creed

●    Loneliness of family caregivers of dementia patients. educational challenges for public education and support in local communities

●    Mediating loneliness: Diaconia in the margins of civil society

●    Prisoners of care: predictors of health outcomes and caregiver burden among family caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease

●    Religious education leader connectedness: a study of the lived reality of Catholic education

●    Silence, solitude, and social cognition and solitude in adolescence

●    Solitude as an executive virtue or the value of wilderness time

●    Solitude of the island towards Europe

●    The exile’s lament: solitude and togetherness in Ovid’s later works

●    The faces of solitude in philosophy, society and politics

●    The isolation/loneliness of the parentified child in family

●    The paradigmatic conceptualizations of loneliness and communitiveness in a monoseological discourse

●    The phenomenon of solitude

●    The roles of solitude and loneliness in personality development

●    To be is to be related: aloneness, isolation, performance and narcissism

We do hope that you will be interested, and that you will also pass on this information to any other colleagues and students – nationally and internationally – who may wish to attend and to submit their own papers.  We are very excited at the prospect of the symposium, and the meeting together of people from very different disciplines.

This is the third call for papers (although some may not have received the previous calls), and probably the last, as we are filling up!

All the very best,

Julian Stern, Malgorzata Walejko


Julian Stern

Professor of Education and Religion

York St John University


Malgorzata Walejko Ph. D.

Institute of Pedagogy

University of Szczecin



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